About Us

Bridgehampton School Foundation

Established in 2010, Bridgehampton School Foundation is a nonprofit Internal Revenue Service-recognized 501(C)3 charitable organization, whose primary purpose is to promote educational programs and incentives

to the students of Bridgehampton School

(Pre-K through 12) and to maximize the

learning potential of every child. The mission

of the foundation is to raise money for projects that are not funded through the school budget,

to strengthen community involvement in our public school, and to promote community investment in the success of Bridgehampton students.

    Photo credit:

    Joshua Lamison, Class of 2016

Board of Trustees

Kathleen McCleland, President

Anne Tschida Gomberg, Treasurer

Elizabeth Whelan Kotz, Secretary


Richard K. Delano

James Kapon

Kelly A. Harris

Simone Sooklall Simmons

Trustees Emeriti

JoAnn Comfort

Kathryn DeGroot

Bridgehampton UFSD Representative 

Dr. Lois R. Favre, Superintendent

The Bridgehampton School Foundation raises money forĀ  education programs not funded through the Bridgehampton School District budget, and strengthens community involvement and investment in the success of Bridgehampton students.