Since 2010, Bridgehampton School Foundation has funded programs supporting:

  • Construction of the Bridgehampton School Greenhouse and promotion of the Edible School Garden Project
  • ASPIRE — Bridgehampton School’s popular elementary after-school program — through securing funding for critical supplies
  • A six week Elementary Etiquette unit, fostering social skills and good manners
  • Team Supreme, the rookie robotics team that qualified for FIRST Robotics Competition Championship in Saint Louis, MO

The success of the campus greenhouse can be measured by the number of students using the greenhouse and garden for classes and community service, and by the introduction of student-grown produce in the school’s café. The Greenhouse construction has allowed the school to incorporate the process of planting, growing and harvesting food into the school’s curriculum through the Environmental Design Program. The program includes classes in botany, fundamentals of gardening, intro to environmental design, and a nutrition and culinary arts practicum.

The Bridgehampton Edible School Project includes a 1,080-square-foot greenhouse. In addition, there is a garden with double that amount of growing space.  This year, the greenhouse will be used as a classroom for the entire school (pre-K through 12th grade). A short-term goal is to supply the salad ingredients for the school cafeteria. Long-term goals include making the program sustainable by selling produce to local restaurants and the greater community. Peppers, celery, Asian greens, spinach, mache, herbs and flowers are all growing in the Bridgehampton School garden.


ASPIRE (After School Program for Inquiry Research and Enrichment) is designed to provide educational opportunities and stimulating after-school activities for Bridgehampton students in Kindergarten through Grade Five. The ASPIRE program aims to reinforce and expand upon skills being developed in the classroom, as well as to provide in-depth experience in particular subjects.

Each quarter, students are introduced to new and challenging themes, which have included InsectsAround the WorldAround the Rest of the World, a writing program entitled Authors’ Tea Celebration, and Do Something, a program in which students make birthday cards for homeless children around the globe.


The six week elementary-level etiquette program teaches students the importance of good manners and civil behavior, meet-and-greet essentials, gratitude, and eye contact. Students learn social skills and table manners that they can confidently use in the community, at school and at home.

The Bridgehampton School Foundation looks forward to raising funds to offer additional etiquette programs to our middle school and high school students. These classes will focus on personal presentation for interviews, conversation, restaurant etiquette, and composing correspondences.

BHSF supports education programs that enrich the school curriculum and provide students with enhanced learning opportunities. Since 2010, BHSF has provided funding for: the school greenhouse/ edible garden, the popular ASPIRE after-school program, and Elementary Etiquette enrichment units, and the school’s award-winning robotics team.